What We Do


Program Management Support

2 Circle, Inc. has extensive experience in the program management arena, both in the provision and support of government customers. Our forte is managing and mitigating risk through appropriate risk-reduction methodologies, while meeting stringent cost, performance, and schedule requirements.  Our core competencies within the program management construct include advanced technology maturation, concept demonstrations, EMD, Integrated Test and Evaluation, and fielding, sustainment, and integration of advanced capabilities and systems.  At 2 Circle, our number one priority is to deliver the best value to the warfighter to enable mission success.


Threat Capability Definition

At 2 Circle, we support our government customers in defining and characterizing the advanced threats and tactics that shape capability gaps and subsequently define program requirements.  We strive to ensure standardization of adversary definition and capabilities across multiple programs within all military services from which relevant program investment decisions can be made.  Our focus on high fidelity threat definition helps to provide the warfighter the capabilities and tools required to be successful.


Systems Engineering

Systems engineering methods include technical analysis and integration, modeling and simulation, sustainment engineering, as well as qualification, certification, test and evaluation of S&T efforts – according to DoD standards.  Our efforts across systems of systems and family of systems venues enable effective assessment and utilization of kill chains within a joint arena. Our system engineers and consultants utilize standard industry processes as well as incorporate 2 Circle best practices in order to optimize systems engineering methods and appropriately manage risk.


Requirements Definition / Studies and Analysis

Joint, USN and USMC requirements definition and capabilities roadmap development – extensive experience with JCIDS requirements process – technology maturation, Analysis of Alternatives, CDD / CPD development.  Direct experience transitioning Warfighter derived Concepts of Employment into CDD / CPD requirements language.   Direct support and facilitation of integrated capability package / planned investment strategic planning; tracing a future Family of Systems capabilities end state to incremental planned POM investments aligned to capability gaps.

Direct experience in study leadership, study plan development, study plan execution and operational analysis of virtual and constructive engagement, mission and campaign level analysis using various DoD, academia or industry modeling and simulation tools.  2 Circle Inc. SMEs have extensive experience in requirements  / concepts of employment tradespace analysis – assessing qualitative and quantitative relative metrics of planned capabilities vs. cost, risk and other factors.


Capability Gap Assessments

Capabilities Gap assessments utilizing engagement chain methodology – interoperability capability and gap assessments of air, land and sea forces across multiple joint and naval mission areas, operating environments and utilizing diverse tactical network architectures.  2 Circle SMEs ensure threat definition, Concepts of Employment and key scenario assumptions are integrated and aligned across different pillars of requirements definition / PPBE process


Naval and Joint Concept of Employment Development

Joint, USN and USMC Concepts of Employment development – integrated 4th and 5th generation Tactical Aviation – manned and unmanned CONEMPs – utilizing autonomous and integrated fire control employment concepts.  2 Circle SMEs are instrumental at developing out year CONEMP methodologies, Project Plans, CONEMP Report technical writing and executive level out briefs across Naval Aviation mission areas – integrated across multiple levels of security.

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